Collection Drop off


We rocked our ONWT Collection today!  The picture is from a OWT drop off site in Rosebud South Dakota that was taken earlier this week.

What an honor it is to live in this beautiful place with such extraordinary, generous people. Our Big R drive was an absolute success. Jon repackaged everything possible into “liquor store” boxes so it could be easily loaded into the “big trucks”. We had over 20 boxes! Plus the bags of pet food, flats of water or bulk paper products that wouldn’t fit! Now that is pretty awesome, right???? Do you know that donation jar had right at $1200??? This was in only two hours of collection! Amazing. And is it only coincidental that $1200 is about what it costs for the truck expenses to deliver the goods? The One Nation truck is already loaded for a trip tomorrow to the Navajo Nation, but will be coming back through here on Thursday and pick up our things for the next shipment. If anyone missed today or wants to donate in the next few days, you can drop things off at Code of the West Realty in La Veta from 9-5. (You will need to wear your mask and sanitize your hands!) They will collect for the cause Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thank you Cuchara Valley!!!!!